Friday, 29 March 2013

Cover Reveals

Howdy! I'm bringing you an assortment of recent cover reveals today. Instead of doing a separate post for each, I'm posting them all together here. I won't post book descriptions as that will make the post extra long, so I will link to goodreads instead. So here you go! 

I think this is my favourite cover of the series. These are really good books and it looks like disaster is on the horizon in the final novel. I like the darker theme to the cover compared to the jolly beaches on the others. I'm very intrigued! 

Thank you Mira Ink UK for sticking to the original cover designs. I really don't like the minimalist US covers. I think this will really fit in well with the UK copy of The Immortal Rules. Oh and of course I love the colour purple. Good job guys! 

UK Cover. This is one of two covers that feature four people on the front. I hope this isn't going to be a new trend. I think this cover is so so much better than the original cover. This cover has an atmosphere about it, nevertheless I would rather it didn't have the big From the Author of sticker on the front. I prefer the US cover of this though. 

UK Cover. Hmm... I do like this cover alot actually. It doesn't give much away from the story and intrigues the reader. It also fits in well with the other UK covers of all Kings novels. 

Now I freaking love this cover, even more so then the Ink cover. This is the prequel to Ink. I love the purple tones so much and it just works so well. 

US Paperback Cover. This is very different to the original cover but alas it does make sense. It probably works even better than the original as that focused mainly on the council seat but the novel itself is about so much more, especially the small community of Pagford and this is shown well here. I approve! 

7. The Casual Vacancy By J. K. Rowling

UK Paperback cover. Again as I said above, this shows the story so much better. Alas it does seem a bit unrealistic compared the the above and I'm not too sure about the s and u going around the church tower. I like this but prefer the US one. 

UK Cover. This cover fits in so well with Marr's other adult novel Graveminder's UK cover, it's as if they're a matching set not two individual novels. I do like this one though, even if it is slightly cluttered. 

US Cover. Here's the second novel with four people on the front but here it works! I actually really like this cover and the western feel to it, the book itself sounds really interesting too. 

So there you go! Nine covers that have been revealed in the past few weeks. What are your thoughts on the covers? Let me know in the comments. 


  1. Love the TCV covers, so pretty and peaceful looking. :)

  2. I definitely agree that the US cover of The Casual Vacancy is much better than the UK version!

    1. I know it just works better doesn't it? Thanks for commenting!


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