Sunday, 3 February 2013

January 2013 Review

I've been thinking about doing this for a while and well here I am. Each month of the year I'm going to post a wrap up or review of that month featuring my reads, reviews and cover reveals amongst other things.

 Just before I go any further I would just like you to know that the reviews I post normally have been scheduled before hand therefore the  reviews of books I've read the past month probably won't go up straight away and some are still scheduled to go live the coming month. This allows me to be more organised. 

 January has been a good reading month for me as I read a total of 12 books. 

January Posts

10 Reviews have gone live this month, I will list them in rating order

5 Stars:

4 Stars:

3 Stars:

2 Stars:

Favourite Book Read this Month - Shiverton Hall By Emerald Fennell. I absolutely adored this spooky tale for children, it even sent chills down my spine. I recommend it to all readers and fans of horror and curses. 

Cover Reveals:

I love all of the cover reveals from January, each is unique and awesome. If you haven't seen them already, I  think you should check them out! 

2013 Reading Challenges:

2013 ARC Challenge - Six books read for this challenge. These included: Sister Assassin By Kiersten White, The Other Life By Susanne Winnacker, The Declaration By Gemma Malley, Secrets and Sapphires By Leila Rasheed, The Nightmare Affair By Mindee Arnett and Etiquette and Espionage By Gail Carriger.

2013 Horror Reading Challenge - Only one book read for this which was The Woman In Black By Susan Hill. 

That's all for this month's wrap up. I look forward to the months ahead! 

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  1. You had a good month! I haven't read Hysteria yet but it's been on my kindle for a few weeks now. I've got to get through my library books right now. I also want Sister Assassin, which is called Mind Games here, really bad! Too bad you didn't like it that much


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