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The Other Life By Susanne Winnacker

The Other Life
Series: The Other Life #1
Release Date: 1st February 2012
Publisher: Usborne
Format: Paperback
Pages: 315
Source: Netgalley

Synopsis: 3 years, 1 month, 1 week and 6 days since I’d seen daylight. One-fifth of my life. 98,409,602 seconds since the heavy, steel door had fallen shut and sealed us off from the world

Sherry has lived with her family in a sealed bunker since things went wrong up above. But when they run out of food, Sherry and her dad must venture outside. There they find a world of devastation, desolation...and the Weepers: savage, mutant killers.

When Sherry's dad is snatched, she joins forces with gorgeous but troubled Joshua - an Avenger, determined to destroy the Weepers.

But can Sherry keep her family and Joshua safe, when his desire for vengeance threatens them all?

Review: This is another book that I'd heard a lot of great stuff about. I even entered many competitions to win a copy but I was never successful so I was overjoyed to be approved on Netgalley. As you probably all know by now I'm a big fan of dystopian and post apocalyptic novels so this sounded perfect to me. Right, Just look at the cover and how the blood red butterfly contrasts on the plain white background. Inside the butterfly is our main characters running for their lives while spooky clawed hands reach for them. The cover in itself is very clever and very informative, from a first glance you wouldn't even notice those details or the blood drops that are falling from the butterflies wings. I think this kinda contrasts with the synopsis which is rather vague but once you read the novel you see that there is so much more to it, there's loads of small details and a brilliant writing style that cannot be observed from reading the synopsis alone. This really is a book that you have to sit back and enjoy taking in all the gory details, feeling the characters pain and the loss of their old world or "Other Life". I really enjoyed the novel and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

The Other Life begins in a sealed bunker with Sherry and her family as they open their last tin of food. The panic and devastation the family feel in these opening paragraphs is so well done. You really get the feel of their desperation and need to survive, they're not ready to give up on their world just yet. Sherry and her father have to leave the safe confides of their bunker to go search for food. Upon exiting the bunker they see their world has been left in ruins. The whole town has been bombed, houses are covered in soot, bodies litter the streets and what's worse is there is no one to be seen. Things must have gotten so much worse while they were inside. Sherry and her father make their way to a local supermarket in search of food. Once inside something horrid begins chasing them and her father is captured. Sherry only just escapes but she feels so guilty for leaving her father behind. While running away she finds Joshua, a fellow survivor who takes her back to Safe Haven, where a few other survivors are living together. Sherry persuades Joshua to help her look for her father before time runs out, so they set out on the journey not knowing if either will come back alive.

I really did love this story and the growth of Sherry's character. She started as a young girl, I would even say she was child like as she'd been stuck in the bunker for so long without developing any life skills, surrounded by just her family. That's going to effect your upbringing somehow. Sherry picks up the courage to leave the bunker with her father and it's here we see how strong she is. Upon seeing the world or "other life" in ruins she is devastated but she holds it together. She keeps going because she knows her family's survival depends on her. When her father is taken she's scared and feels guilty but she knows she must find him. She's a very driven character and I liked that about her, she seemed to grow up so much once outside the bunker. We see her fear when she comes face to face with the weepers but that doesn't stop her from going into their lair. Love is more powerful than fear after all. Her fathers life depends on her saving him in time.

I really enjoyed her and Joshua's relationship and how at first he was hesitant and not very open with her. Even when she put him in danger he still wanted to save her and his courage and even love saved her many times. He was a trained weeper hunter and she'd never picked up a weapon in her life so of course she proved a burden on his hunts. Yes, he lost his temper with her but I think once he saw the love she had for her family he found that they were very similar after all. Joshua watched his family be killed by weepers and it wasn't until later he saw one of his sister had been turned into one of those monsters. He vowed to save her and that's just what Sherry was trying to do as well. I'm smiling just thinking about the end of the book with the pair of them, lets just say they show their feelings to each other and the full extent of them.

The devastated world that the author creates is very haunting and leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Its pretty spooky because one day this may happen and our world could fall into ruins just like that. Oh and the weepers were so scary, with teary eyes and many mutations. They really did send a shiver down my spine. I'm just going to add here about why the family are in a sealed bunker. There was a huge outbreak of rabies that caused mutations. The government ordered everyone into bunkers and said they would get them when things were safe again. The thing is all contact was lost and the world above fell into ruin. It wasn't going to be safe again, the government had fallen and those who are left were fighting for their lives. There was just so much thought into the history and past of the story, it was greatly done.  Oh and that ending was action packed and I loved it so much! I cannot wait to see what happens in the sequel.

The Other Life is a haunting post-apocalyptic novel about the power of love in desperate times and hidden strength and courage, that could  one day save your life. I really recommend this novel it's very interesting and rather unique.

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  1. This book sounds so great! I've had it on my wish list for a while, I keep meaning to check if my local library has it. Thanks for the review :)


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