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My Top 12 Reads Of 2012

Welcome to the third post in what's going to be a series of the Top or Best of my reads in 2012 and also what I'm looking forward to in 2013. Of course these are all of my own personal opinions and I would love to hear your thoughts on my selections.
Right, now this is the big one, My Top Reads in 2012. This can include debuts, old books, new books, borrowed books, all books, all genres, no limits. This is where I showcase my favourite books of the year, and because it's 2012 I've chosen my 12 favourites. This list has been very hard to narrow down as it's been a fantastic reading year for me. Also this list is in no particular order, if I had to do that I would be sitting here all day trying to figure it out. So without further ado, My Top Reads of 2012:
This book will stay with me forever. It's one i can relate to in so many ways and it's just written perfectly. Like I mentioned in my review, this is my book. It will be the one that stays with me where ever I go. It had and has such a strong effect on me I wouldn't ever want to leave it behind. The writing is beautiful and the whole novel just flowed flawlessly. Just check out my review and then get your hands on a copy. Consider it my holiday gift to you.
The epic finale to my all time favourite series. Oh how i did not want to depart the Otherworld, alas it had to happen. Kelley Armstrong wrote the perfect ending in 13, the perfect ending for the plot, her characters, the series and also herself. It couldn't have been dealt with any better. The Women of The Otherworld series is one I recommend to all paranormal fans.
This is the first book of Snyder's that I read and it's the one that made me fall in love with her work. I now own all of her novels and am in the process of reading all short stories. She is a very talented author, who can work across genres, which is a talent in itself. (Her Insider series is dystopian and it's brilliant.) Back to the book, I don't know what to say, everything was just great in it. It's an incredible book set in a well fleshed out fantasy world which you can fall into for hours. It too is one I will love for a long while, if not forever.
The Gathering Dark is Leigh Bardugo's debut novel and it is truly enchanting. It's a very unique YA fantasy novel and one of the best debuts I've read. Just look at the cover for a start, it easily reflects the richly detailed world of the Grisha but also the darkness beginning to seep in. It's a gorgeous cover that reflects and even better book. If you haven't read this yet, I do recommend it.
These books just keep getting better and better. I just love the premise behind the novel and how the Garde have all different powers. It is just so awesome. Excuse me while i go and geek out again. This sci-fi novel isn't just for boys, I loved it. The girls in the novel have a fair share of action and excitement. I love these novels and I cannot wait for the next one, whenever that will be out. The whole background in these novels is incredible, it is so vast and detailed. It just makes the novels even better. I'm getting all excited just remembering what happened, maybe we should go to the next novel?
Earth Girl is a dystopian novel that has so much more depth than the other dystopian novels floating around. This is not your typical dystopian novel, it's not based on romance like most are today. No this one is all about the adventure and the pressure of proving yourself when you know you are different. Jarra is a very feisty main character, one who will not step away from a challenge no matter how dangerous it will be. Earth Girl is an incredibly well written novel with believable characters and an intriguing plot, you should all read it!
This is the sequel to Dark Inside and it's even better than the first book. It's dark, spooky and will cause a chill to go down your spine, sending shivers through your body. It's a post apocalyptic novel about a group of teenagers trying to cling on to their humanity while the world falls apart around them.  It's a heart-pounding, hair-raising roller coaster of fear and scary truths, that make the reader grip onto the book from start until finish.
This is another novel that left such an impression on me. Pushing the limits contains life lessons that some people have to learn when they are way too young. It shows life is cruel and hard but there are things worth fighting for. The characters were incredible in this book, they were so fleshed out and real, I could practically hear their brains ticking over with each thought. If you please read my review of this, it conveys my emotions so much more than I'm doing now.
This too was an incredible addition to the Graceling Realm series. In my opinion it's the strongest book of the series. Bitterblue is just an incredible character, we've watched her grow so much since the first book and now we see her as a wise young queen who will lead her people the right way. Its a book about secrets and lies and the harsh truths which you can never be prepared for. It's a beautifully written book, with wise advice and an intelligent heroine!
This is one of the lesser know books on my list but it is very good. It's a rare gem hidden in a pile of books. I wasn't expecting it to blow me away but it did. A Long Long Sleep is all about moving on from the past while trying to cope with a whole new future. This may sound simple but try it after being stuck in a stasis for 62 years and then being awoken to find all your friends and family long gone. There's mystery woven into the plot as well, after all how did she get put into a stasis and left for 62 years. Just thinking about this book makes me want to read it again. I freaking loved it.
I loved everything about Throne Of Glass, the strong willed, kick ass main character, the fast paced action, the plot that reeled you in but most of all the writing itself was rather astounding. This cover is rather kick ass is it not? Well the story is too so you wont be disappointed.
This is most beautifully written novel I've ever read. Lauren DeStefano is a very talented writer and one who has a way with words. Wither is a truly breathtaking debut novel, that pulls the reader inside and doesn't stop to let them look back. The world was well described and so different to what I was expecting, the haunting reality of what could happen in the future will hit you hard and see that it isn't as impossible as it seems. If you love the written word then this novel is one for you.
There you go my lovelies, My Top 12 Reads of 2012. It's been a brilliant year for me book wise and it was really hard to narrow this list down but there you are! I would love to hear your thoughts on my selections, just leave a comment below. Check back later on in the week for my anticipated reads of 2013.

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