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Blog Tour + Guest Post: Irresistible By Liz Bankes

Welcome to the Final stop of the Irresistible Blog tour! Read, Write and Read Some More is very pleased to host Liz Bankes, author of Irresistible. Liz has put together a guest post in which she has created a playlist for each main character from her novel. Here it is:
Irresistible Spotify Playlists
These songs are a mixture of songs the characters would like, songs that might describe them, and songs that I imagined in the background for certain scenes. I’ve had lots of fun listening to these songs while coming up with the list and, as is obvious from Dan’s list, I found the chance to revisit the punk-pop of my teen years irresistible!
The boys’ spotify playlists and some scenes
Sexy, rich and bored, Jamie hangs around his parents’ castle causing trouble, especially for Mia.
Jamie’s songs:
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
Love – Little Red Book
Funny, lovely Dan is brightening up Mia’s summer as they work together in the restaurant of Radleigh Castle.
Dan’s songs:
Blink 182 – All the Small Things
The Offspring – Original Prankster
New Found Glory – Hit or Miss
Some scenes:
Mia and Jamie swimming: Ellie Goulding –Anything Could Happen
Jamie’s party: Skrillex – Bangerang
Mia and Dan’s date: Noah and the Whale –Five Years’ Time
The girls’ spotify playlists
Mia is spending her summer waitressing and dreaming of travelling. She’s been enjoying getting to know funny workmate Dan, but can’t get bad boy Jamie out of her head.
Mia’s songs:
The Beatles – Ticket to Ride
The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses
Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Gabi is Mia’s best friend. She is massive in terms of personality and boobs, a bit mad and very loyal.
Gabi’s songs:
One Direction – Live While We’re Young
Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
Nelly and Kelly – My Boo
Beautiful, privileged and a bit frightening, Cleo is Jamie’s girlfriend.
Cleo’s songs:
Rihanna – Diamonds
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
Edith Piaf – Non je ne regrette rien
Release Date: ebook out now! Paperback - April 2013
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Format: ebook / Paperback
Pages: 224
Synopsis: Some games can go too far. . .

When Mia gets a summer job in a country club, it's a chance to see into a whole world of privilege and passion she's never imagined.
Thankfully there's Dan to keep her feet on the ground. He's laid-back, funny and could be the perfect person to go travelling with when the summer's over.
But behind everything that happens in the summer, there's Jamie. Wealthy and sexy, he's got everything he could ever want, and enjoys nothing more than messing with people's lives for his own entertainment.
Mia knows that any relationship with Jamie is a bad idea,
but as she's drawn into his dangerous and madly exciting world, she finds the one thing she can't stop is herself.

A new, steamy novel for readers who want their romances witty, and their love interest full of passion!
Liz Bankes
Liz Bankes grew up in Sevenoaks (or One-oak as it should be called since six of the oaks fell down). 
As a child she was passionate about books, the Beano and Ryan Giggs.
She has been writing since she was little, drawing plenty of cartoons and comic strips, giving them to her family to read and then waiting patiently (staring at them intensely) until they laughed. In year 6 she co-wrote, with a friend, The Sealyham Story (like the Iliad, but in Wales), which was scandalously ignored by all the major literary prizes. Then at secondary school she wrote a story about a woman who killed people and turned them into pies. Instead of a referral to a psychologist the school gave her a creative writing prize and sent her on her way.
Since then she’s been writing book reviews and blog posts (find out more on her blog site) and, secretly, more stories.
Thank you to Liz for stopping by and to Piccadilly Press for inviting me to be a host on the blog tour.

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