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Simon and Schuster Blogger Event Report!

A few weeks ago, I received my first invite to a blogger event at a publishing house. The invite was for a blogger event at Simon and Schuster in London. I was over the moon that I had been one of the lucky few to get invited and jumped at the chance. I couldn’t confirm my attendance until the very last minute and it was literally a few hours before when we got tickets and planned the trip. It was a rush but totally worth it.
I arrived half an hour early so I was allowed to sit in Simon and Schuster’s little library and browse their titles while waiting for other to arrive. At half four we were ushered into a meeting room all set out with the tables all set out for the panel at the front. Once we were all seated the authors came in and Alice Murphy, Simon & Schuster's Digital Marketing Executive, introduced herself, and the authors in turn. The four authors we all had the pleasure to meet were:
Ali Harris is a magazine journalist and has written for publications such as Red, ELLE, Stylist, Cosmopolitan and Company and was deputy features editor at No.1 women's magazine Glamour before leaving to write books and have babies. She lives in Cambridge with her husband and their two children. Ali was at the event to talk about her second novel, The First Last Kiss which is released on the 17th January 2013.
Wendy Wallace is an award-winning freelance journalist and writer based in London, whose articles have appeared in the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Scotsman. The Painted Bridge is her first novel. Wendy was there to talk about her debut novel The Painted Bridge which was out earlier this year.
Robert Ryan is an author, journalist and screenwriter. He was born in Liverpool and moved to London to study natural sciences at university. He began his writing career in the late 1980s for The Face, Arena and the US edition of GQ, before moving to a staff job in the Sunday Times. In 1999, after the publication of his first novel, Underdogs, he left to go freelance, although he is still a frequent contributor to the newspaper. He has published a total of twelve novels under his own name, the latest being Death on the Ice, and two (Steel Rain and Copper Kiss) as Tom Neale. The latter have been optioned by Fremantle TV with a view to creating a TV series. Ryan is currently working on his next novel and a variety of television projects. Robert was there to talk about his next novel Dead Man’s Land which is released in January 2013.
 Dean Crawford began writing after his dream of becoming a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force was curtailed when he failed their stringent sight tests. Fusing his interest in science with a love of fast-paced revelatory thrillers, he soon found a career that he could pursue with as much passion as flying a fighter jet. Now a full-time author, he lives with his partner and daughter in Surrey. Dean was there to talk about his third novel Apocalypse which was published yesterday.
After introductions Alice began asking the authors question us bloggers submitted before the event. We got to learn about their new books and what it’s like to be a writer, the good and the bad side of things. We got to understand each authors writing day and how they stay motivated. It was very interesting and each author was different from the other. For a more in-depth look at the questions asked and the answers given, check out Caroline Hooton’s post. (A fellow blogger who also attended the event)
Once all questions had been answered we went into another room, where there were refreshments in the middle. What was even more exciting was that at the sides of the room there were tables filled with books that were either newly released or upcoming releases in the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013. It was so cool! I was geeking out at the sight of all these new books. There were Simon and Schuster book bags ready for us to fill up with all the books we wanted! And fill it up I did! I then spent some time talking to some fellow bloggers who were all lovely and it was brilliant to meet the people behind the awesome blogs.
  I left slightly earlier than others as I had to get the train home. I was sad to go but it was a lovely event and I really enjoyed it. Huge thanks to Alice and the rest of the S&S team for the invite, but also for creating a very successful event. Also thanks to the authors who took their time to meet us bloggers, it was brilliant to meet you all!
You can find all the swag I came home with over on my Letterbox Love - Simon and Schuster edition.
To end this post I will leave you with information about the authors books!
The First Last Kiss
Release Date: January 2013
Synopsis: How do you hold on to a love that is slowly slipping away from you?
Can you let go of the past when you know what is in the future?
And how do you cope when you know that every kiss is a countdown to goodbye?

This is the story of a love affair, of Ryan and Molly and how they fell in love and were torn apart. The first time Molly kissed Ryan, she knew they'd be together forever. Six years and thousands of kisses later she's married to the man she loves. But today, when Ryan kisses her, Molly realises how many of them she wasted because the future holds something which neither of them could have ever predicted…
The Painted Bridge
Release Date: 24th May 2012
Synopsis: Outside London behind a stone wall stands Lake House, a private asylum for genteel women of a delicate nature. In the winter of 1859, recently-married Anna Palmer becomes its newest arrival, tricked by her husband into leaving home, incarcerated against her will and declared hysterical and unhinged. With no doubts as to her sanity, Anna is convinced that she will be released as soon as she can tell her story.

But Anna learns that liberty will not come easily. The longer she remains at Lake House, the more she realises that -- like the ethereal bridge over the asylum's lake -- nothing is as it appears. She begins to experience strange visions and memories that may lead her to the truth about her past, herself, and to freedom - or lead her so far into the recesses of her mind that she may never escape…

Set in Victorian England, as superstitions collide with a new psychological understanding, this elegant, emotionally suspenseful debut novel is a tale of self-discovery, secrets, and search for the truth in a world where the line between madness and sanity seems perilously fine.
Dead Man's Land
Release Date: 3rd January 2013
Synopsis: Deep in the trenches of Flanders Fields, men are dying in their thousands every day. So one more death shouldn't be a surprise.
But then a body turns up with bizarre injuries, and Sherlock Holmes' former sidekick Dr John Watson - unable to fight for his country due to injury but able to serve it through his medical expertise - finds his suspicions raised. The face has a blue-ish tinge, the jaw is clamped shut in a terrible rictus and the eyes are almost popping out of his head, as if the man had seen unimaginable horror. Something is terribly wrong.

But this is just the beginning. Soon more bodies appear, and Watson must discover who is the killer in the trenches. Who can he trust? Who is the enemy? And can he find the perpetrator before he kills again?

Surrounded by unimaginable carnage, amidst a conflict that's ripping the world apart, Watson must for once step out of the shadows and into the limelight if he's to solve the mystery behind the inexplicable deaths.
Release Date: 8th November 2012
Synopsis: In the notorious Bermuda Triangle a private jet vanishes without trace, taking with it scientists working for world-famous philanthropist Joaquin Abell.

In Miami, Captain Kyle Sears is called to a murder scene. A woman and her daughter have both been shot through the head. But within moments of arriving, Sears receives a phone call from the woman's husband, physicist Charles Purcell.

"I did not kill my wife and daughter. In less than twenty-four hours I too will be murdered and I know the man who will kill me. My murderer does not yet know that he will commit the act."

With uncanny accuracy, Charles goes on to predict the immediate future just as it unfolds around Sears, and leaves clues for a man he's never met before: Ethan Warner

The hunt is on to find Purcell, and Ethan Warner is summoned by the Defence Intelligence Agency to head up the search. But this is no ordinary case, as Warner and his partner Nicola Lopez are about to discover, and time is literally everything.
Thanks again!

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