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Street Duty, Case One: Knock Down By Chris Ould

Street Duty, Case One: Knock Down
Series: Street Duty #1
Release Date: 1st October 2012
Publisher: Usborne
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Ashleigh Jarvis is so scared and running so fast that she doesn't see the truck that knocks her down. Holly Blades is sixteen and a new type of policewoman - a T.P.O. or Trainee Police Officer - a new team of teenagers, recruited early and fast-tracked into the police force. After only two weeks on the job, Holly is first on the scene of the road traffic accident. But when her routine assignment of accompanying Ashleigh to hospital reveals a shocking secret about the young girl, Holly becomes convinced that there is more to the incident than she first thought. Unable to persuade her superiors that they should dig deeper however, Holly is forced to embark on a course of action which may reveal the truth, but which could also end her career in the police before it has really started...

Gritty, gripping and completely compelling, "Street Duty" brings the very real world of the police force into the teen arena.
Review: I'm honestly quite surprised by how much I liked this book! It was so much better than I thought it would be! The only thing that put me off was the cover, it just doesn't seem to fit too well for me, after reading the book I can see why it is, what it is but I think it could have been better. Anyway past that the synopsis is very intriguing and it interested me right away. After all how many young adult crime books are there with a female heroine? Not many. It was great to see a young female take her place in the mainly male world of police officers. Don't get me wrong I know there are plenty of women Police officers but It's interesting to see a male writer tackle a female police officer instead of a male one. Nevertheless Ould does a brilliant job writing this novel! Another thing that is really interesting is that he has written a few episodes of the bill amongst other TV programmes. He has gathered all of his experiences together to create this incredible fast paced novel about youth crime in the modern world.
Street Duty follows Holly Blades, a trainee police officer who is trying to figure out how the police force works. Straight away Holly is taken to the scene of Road Traffic collision where a young girl has been run over. The thing that Holly finds odd is that the girl is wearing no shoes. Why would she be wearing no shoes on a cold night? What was she running from that made her miss the sight of the truck that knocked her over? So many questions confront Holly as she realises that this wasn't just a typical accident it was actually so much more. Holly and her fellow police officers have to weave the way into the girls life and find out all about her, even if that means crossing into the estate, home of the Kaddy boys, a city gang. She needs to find out the truth before it's too late.
There were many characters in this novel but it never gets confusing, each character was distinctly unique. I also liked how it was written from multiple perspectives giving the reader an insider look to the case and the people tangled up in it. The characters were all great, Holly was my personal favourite. She had such a strong need for justice for Ashleigh, the girl who was run over. She knows something isn't right and she battles on to find the truth even when her elders tell her to stop. She's strong willed and won't give up when she knows she is right. We also got to see into the minds of Drew Alford and Ryan Atkins, two gang members who are rivals. It was interesting how well their thoughts and feelings reflected those of similar people in the real world.
I think Chris Ould has a amazing YA crime novel under his belt here and I think many people should read it, it really shouldn't be missed! Street Duty Case one: Knock Down is a thrilling fast paced novel about Crime in the modern world. The novel really is a page turner that keeps the reader engrossed from page one. I loved how easy it was to bond with the characters. The multiple perspectives kept the book quick moving and kept the reader guessing. It was written so perfectly and it’s wrapped up nicely at the end. I cannot wait to read the next adventures of the TPOs!



  1. I love books involving police especially with a female police woman! Sounds like she comes across an interesting case. I'm also wondering what this girl was running from and if she will catch them. Sounds like a unique read!

  2. Love that cover, it's so different and striking! I hadn't heard of this one before now, but it does look very interesting. I am really glad that it surprised you in a good way! Great review :)

    Steph @ SOOTP

  3. I'm not too keen on the cover. I can't figure out if the model is a guy or a girl. Oh well, if you liked it then I'll give it a go.


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