Saturday, 29 September 2012

Letterbox Love (#19)

Letterbox Love is a weekly meme hosted by narratively speaking. The UK book bloggers have joined together and made a British version of IMM, and here it is. I'm proud to be a UK book blogger so this seemed like an excellent new meme to participate in.
This week is a two week edition as I was very busy last week! I got lots of goodies to share with you all though!
Here's what I got this week:
The book links will take you to the book's Goodreads page.
All of these I've been waiting to read and I went on a book buying spree and got them all at once! Except the Casual Vacancy which I bought yesterday!
Signed Copy!
For Review:
Thanks to Ian at Bloomsbury!
Thank you Mira ink for these!
Thanks to Bloomsbury!
Thanks to Genn at Gollancz
Huge thanks to Hodder for this! It's huge!
Weekly Wrap Up:
Blog Tour and Excerpt: Neptunes Tears By Susan Waggoner
I would love to see what you received this week, please leave your links in the comments!


  1. Days of Blood and Starlight looks awesome. I so want this book. Great haul.


  2. WOW, awesome haul Annabelle !!
    I'm currently reading Defiance and I love it so far! I look forward to read your review on Carnival of Souls ;)!
    Happy reading !!

  3. Oh I'm jealous you have a lot of amazing books. Hope you'll like them all. Happy reading!

    here is mine

  4. I really need to get Causal Vacancy! Lovely haul!

    Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy you books :)

    Sugar & Snark

  5. Omg I want your haul o.O Dance of Shadows! Days of Blood and Starlight! Wannnnt >.<
    I've read Hunger and though it was a difficult book for me in some respects I really liked it! I'll have to get Rage soon.
    I'm really looking forward to reading your reviews of all these books!
    Thanks for stopping by my post, and happy reading!

  6. Dying to read This Is Not A Test. Still need to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I'm very curious about Casual Vacancy! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Soooo many goodies this week!! I hope you enjoy them all! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. OMG I want Days of Blood and Starlight so freaking bad!! So jealous LOL!! I am so jealous in general of all your amazing books! I hope everything turns out to be wonderful =)

  9. Excellent haul- so many great books! I'm dying to read Days of Blood and Starlight; I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Enjoy all of your new books, and thanks for stopping by!

  10. So jealous you got Laini Taylor!
    Please read Rowling first, curious about this new novel of hers.

    Happy weekend!
    Talk Supe

  11. Carnival of Souls, Defiance and especially the Fire and Thorns series sound really good! I kinda of want to read The Casual Vacancy, but it doesn't sound like my kind of book. I'm so EXCITED for Days of Blood and Starlight (can't wait for my copy to get here).

  12. Nice haul! A lot of awesome books you've got this week! I won Defiance last week and I'm waiting on my copy to arrive! And I can't wait to start the new series of Melissa Mar!

    Enjoy your new books!
    My StS

  13. You got so many good books!! I hope you enjoy them all!

    My STS

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

  14. Carnival of Souls was amazing! I think almost everyone got a copy of Rowling's new book :) ... I still need to get through her Harry Potter series (tsk tsk, I know).. great haul!

    My StS

    Happy Reading :)

  15. THE CASUAL VACANCY and CARNIVAL OF SOULS? You're one lucky girl! I really enjoyed THIS IS NOT A TEST, so I hope you like it. :)

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these, Annabelle!

  16. I got This is Not a Test from my library too, it's really good so far! Awesome haul this week! There's a few titles in there I want to get as well :)

  17. rage within & dark inside are on my tbr list. defiance is amazing and i really need to try one of j.k. rowling's books since all my friends are constantly insisting that i'm missing out.
    enjoy your books & thanks for visiting! (:

    kelly - ohdamnbooks

  18. The Casual Vacancy and Defiance both look great! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on them. :)

  19. AHH! WHAT AN AWESOME HAUL! I want Days of Blood and Starlight so badly, so you're SO lucky you already snagged a copy of it! I loved This is Not a Test and I can't wait to see what you think of Carnival of Souls, Crown of Embers, The Casual Vacancy, Defiance, and Dash and Lily's Book of Dares. I hope you enjoy all your amazing new novels! :D

    Ivy Book Bindings

  20. So jealous that you got Days of Blood and Starlight! I need to pre-order my copy soon! I have an ARC of Defiance and I definitely need to read that soon as well! Awesome books this week :) Thanks for visiting Elegantly Bound Books!

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  21. I've bought Defiance too. I'm hoping I get the time to read it this week. I hope you enjoy reading the books!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  22. YAY The Casual Vacancy and Defiance :D ! I can't wait to read these books !

  23. I really want to read Casual Vacancy and Defiance :) I have Defiance, but haven't read it yet :) AWESOME haul! You got so many books :D

    My Haul :)

  24. I need to get to the Jeyn Roberts books really soon - I can't believe I still haven't read Dark Inside.

    This is Not a Test is fantastic, I really hope you enjoy it too.

    Have a great week :-D

  25. Wow! So many awesome books, where will you find the time to read them all? o.o Happy reading! If you would like to check out my post you can do so here. :)

  26. Epic haul! Super jealous of Days of Blood and Starlight!! AND Casual Vacancy! I hope you enjoy all your goodies & thanks for sharing :)

    New GFC Follower

    Here's my Stacking the Shelves

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  27. Looks like you got some great books! I still haven't seen anyone really saying anything about Casual Vacancy yet so I can't wait to see what you think if you review it. Happy reading!

  28. Nice haul, Annabelle! Hope you'll enjoy them!
    Thanks for stopping by my IMM.

  29. Lots of good books! I'm sure Crown of Embers will be great. I haven't read the first book yet but I heard it's great.

    Have a great week!

  30. WOW, Anabelle. That is an INSANE haul. I be you are excited! I almost bought Carnival of Souls this week too. But I could only get a couple. So maybe next week. But I see we both got Defiance! LOL.

    This is Not a Test was really good and I am interested to see what you think of A Casual Vacancy. I'm not sure it is a book for everyone.

    Happy reading!

  31. I love this UK version- I hate the term 'mailbox'! :P
    I love your books- so many good picks!
    I especially love the sound of Debutantes- almost brought it myself!
    New follower- I need more UK blogs :)
    Have a good week!

  32. Did I say I'm extremely jealous? Especially for the Lalini Taylor book. Well done at getting ARCs from publishers.

  33. Great Haul.... I have requested 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' from my public library that way I'll be ready to read the next instalment when it hits shelves... I can't wait to start reading the first one. I've heard such great reviews for it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, returning some of the love now.

  34. Dark Inside is so good. I still need to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by.

  35. I'm so jealous of all the books you received! There are several that I've been dying to read.

  36. You really rocked the book haul this week! Wow, you have some very happy reading in your future! Enjoy!! My Sunday Edition @ Paulette’s Papers


  38. Also reading The Casual Vacancy at the moment! Oh, Dark Inside is incredible! Need to start Rage Within soon too. Thanks for stopping by!

  39. Really want Rage Within, Dark Inside and This is Not a Test. Awesome haul. Hope you enjoy. :D

  40. Omg! You got so much amazing! Ahhh. So jealous :) This is Not a Test is amazing. <3 Loved it a lot :) And Carnival of Souls is awesome too ;) Also just read The Crown of Embers which is so amazing :) Hope you'll love it all. <3
    Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  41. Loved Dash and Lily's Book of Dares! Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  42. Wow, you got some great stuff! <3 Days of Blood and Starlight! I'm so jealous, hahaha. I'm SO excited for that one. :) And I spot This is Not a Test. That was is beyond amazing. Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by my StS! :)


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