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Firelight By Sophie Jordan

Series: Firelight #1
Release Date: 7th September 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Synopsis: A hidden truth.
Mortal enemies.
Doomed love.
Marked as special at an early age, Jacinda knows her every move is watched. But she longs for freedom to make her own choices. When she breaks the most sacred tenet among her kind, she nearly pays with her life. Until a beautiful stranger saves her. A stranger who was sent to hunt those like her. For Jacinda is a draki—a descendant of dragons whose greatest defense is her secret ability to shift into human form.
Forced to flee into the mortal world with her family, Jacinda struggles to adapt to her new surroundings. The only bright light is Will. Gorgeous, elusive Will who stirs her inner draki to life. Although she is irresistibly drawn to him, Jacinda knows Will's dark secret: He and his family are hunters. She should avoid him at all costs. But her inner draki is slowly slipping away—if it dies she will be left as a human forever. She'll do anything to prevent that. Even if it means getting closer to her most dangerous enemy.
Mythical powers and breathtaking romance ignite in this story of a girl who defies all expectations and whose love crosses an ancient divide.  
Review: First of all I want to say how gorgeous is this cover! I think it's one of my favourites ever. This book has interested me for a long while but I've never been able to find it in any local bookshops so I was really surprised when my library had a copy. Firelight is a unique novel about descendants of Dragons. It's very interesting how the author did it and I loved all the world building. But there were some slight problems which I will explain in a moment. Firelight is a good paranormal novel with a new type of supernatural creature.
Firelight begins when Jacinda goes with her friend to fly at night. Within the Pride this is forbidden and the risk is very high. After setting off Hunters track them down. The hunters are the Draki's enemies. Forced to flee and hide, Jacinda finds herself in a cave with a hunter. The most confusing thing is he lets her go. She survives because of this. Nevertheless the consequences are severe in the Pride. They want to clip her wings. This is the largest and most horrible form of punishment for their kind. Her mother packs up and they leave the pride behind for good. Starting again in a new town, Jacinda begins to feel her Draki wither away. That is until Will, the hunter who saved her shows up and her Draki comes alive. Sparks fly when they begin to talk. Jacinda knows that his family hunts her kind but she is just so drawn to him. Especially as he ignites her Draki. She will do anything to keep that part of her alive.
Jacinda was an interesting character. She's a unique type of Draki, the one and only fire breather in hundreds of years. Her pride wants to keep her wrapped up and have her mate with the Alphas son, so more Fire breathers can be born into the pride. They want to use her. Her mother is keeping these secrets from her, she doesn't want her daughter to find out how horrible the Pride really can be. Jacinda is a tough, fiery girl who will do what she wants. Will is from a hunting family. At school he is mysterious and not close to too many people except his family. That is until Jacinda comes along. She's different and he can feel it. He has a secret that links him to her but will it tear them apart. They try to keep the truth from each other but will all be revealed in the end?
I really liked the idea of Draki and the Hunters. It was very different to other YA reads. It's also one I recommend if you want something a little different with a new twist. Now a few things that I felt let the book down. I didn't like how indecisive Jacinda would be, she was changing her mind all the time. One moment she couldn't wait to be with Will, the next she was saying how she has to keep away from him. And vise versa all through the book. I understand a few times but it was slightly repetitive. Another thing was that it was slightly predictable. Oh I really hate to say it but it also reminded me of twilight. Not that Jacinda was like Bella at all, she was the total opposite. Instead it was how the hunter fell in love with his prey. It even has a line that says exactly that, it instantly reminded me of the line in twilight when the "lion fell in love with the lamb." There were a few more similarities but I guess I will leave it here.
This book could have been excellent, but it just had a few problems that needed to be straightened out. Hopefully the next book will be more complete. This is a unique book though and I do recommend it. A few improvements here and there and it would have been better. I look forward to reading the rest of the series to see the development of these characters.

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