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Blog Tour and Excerpt: Neptune's Tears By Susan Waggoner

Welcome to the Second stop on the Neptune's Tears Blog Tour! Below you will find more information about the book and an exclusive excerpt! Enjoy and remember to follow the rest of the tour.
Neptune's Tears
Release Date: 1st September 2012
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Synopsis: What would you risk for the one you love?
It is love against the odds.
There is his world, and there is hers.
How can they feel so connected?
It's 2218 and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London hospital. When a mysterious young man arrives for treatment, Zee's hard won calm is pierced.  She will need all her courage if she's to follow her heart. Especially when David reveals a devastating secret.
The Exerpt:
Zee didn’t know what she’d find in A&E. She hoped it wasn’t severed body parts. Blood always made her queasy, and a severed part made the whole body angry and difficult to work with.
Dr Morgan was waiting for her with a grim look on his face, but that didn’t mean anything because Dr Morgan always had a grim look on his face. Except when the problem turned out to be routine. Then he looked disappointed.
‘Gash to forehead,’ he said, steering Zee towards A&E exam room two. ‘He refused a head scan and now wants to check out AMA.’ Against medical advice. Yes, that would certainly annoy Dr Morgan.
‘Do you think he has a concussion?’ she asked.
‘I think he has a subdural haematoma. It could blow like Vesuvius any minute.’ His eyes sparkled with anticipation as he gestured at the door of the examining room. ‘See if you can keep him here.’
Zee took a clearing breath and entered the room. The young man sitting in the cubicle wasn’t that much older than she was. Zee had been trained to notice the small gestures that took place in the first few minutes of an encounter, revealing the patient’s state of mind and openness to non-invasive healing. She caught a blur of motion. The young man seemed to have been rubbing a small metal bar against his forehead, but it disappeared into his pocket so swiftly she couldn’t be certain.
When he lifted his head, Zee felt a tug. Involuntary personal attraction. A reflex, like coughing when you walked into a dusty room. She’d felt it before with other patients, but not quite like this. When he looked at her, his deep grey eyes seemed to draw her towards him. She wanted to go on looking at him, at the way a few strands of dark hair fell across his forehead. Clearly, Piper had created more than a tiny pinprick in her calm. She’d never felt so open to someone before, and was determined to regain her sense of calm.
‘Hi,’ she said, ‘I’m Zee, your assigned empath.’
‘I’m David Sutton, unassigning myself.’ When he smiled, his eyebrows lifted, as if inviting her to share a secret joke. Then, looking at her, the smile changed into a different kind of expression. Instead of hopping off the hospital trolley, he stayed where he was. Everything about him seemed to stop and the room floated into stillness, like a leaf or a feather settling to earth. For a long moment he simply stared at her, and Zee allowed him to, without moving or closing her face to him.
About the Author:
Susan: I wanted to be a writer before I could read. Books had always seemed magical to me and one day, when I was about four years old, I suddenly understood that the indecipherable rows of black marks were what was telling the story. It was a lightning bolt moment. I wanted to be the one in charge of the black marks.

I enjoyed YA, but YA got into a romance and gossip rut until a few years ago, when it became much more imaginative and sophisticated. The dystopian novels were more interesting but is this really the only vision of the future? I heard many parents echo the same concern and thought it would be fun to see if I could write something exciting and romantic without the hook of oppressive governments.

Zee’s career as an empath was something I’d been thinking about for a long time, but, as often happens when I began to write, it was Zee and David who showed me how the story really went, filling in parts I’d missed.

In my heart of hearts, I believe all stories happened somewhere and sometime. The writer’s job, like Zee’s, is to shut out daily distractions to describe that other reality.
Be Sure to check out tomorrows post over at Stepping Out of the Page. It will be a guest post from Susan discussing the title and cover artwork of Neptune's Tears!
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