Monday, 9 July 2012

The Stone Demon By Karen Mahoney US Cover Reveal

Although I haven't actually read these books yet, they are high up on my to read list. I cannot wait to read them. Karen Mahoney has just revealed the cover for the final book in the series on her blog and I love it. I think it's my favourite so far! This is the US Cover

The Stone Demon
Series: The Iron Witch #1
Release Date: February 2013

Synopsis: None revealed yet.

What do you think of the cover?


  1. Extremely different to the other covers o.O But Donna's dress promises a masquerade, and I love masquerade scenes :) I'm really excited for this one! Can't wait to see the UK & AUS covers to compare them to one another...

  2. I like her dress and the mask but the hand art kinda creep me out a bit lol..thanks for sharing.


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