Thursday, 5 July 2012

Silenced By Simon Packham

Release Date: 1st June 2012
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192

Synopsis: Speak no evil . . .Chris needs to talk, but he can’t. He lost the power of speech completely when his best friend, Declan, died in a car crash.

As months pass, school friends give up on him and only eco-freak Ariel and a suspiciously friendly new
boy, Will, are left.

While Will encourages increasingly dangerous ways for Chris to forget Declan, Ariel realises her silent friend is hiding something.

But what is Chris’s terrifying secret?
And will he find his voice before it’s too late?

Review: Silenced was a quick easy read that contained many life lessons and so many emotions it makes your heart break. Silenced is aimed at teens and it focuses on Chris as he goes through the stages of grief after the death of his best friend and other half of their comedy duo. Silenced is told from Chris' point of view as if he was talking to Declan. It's a very interesting thing to read and you really see Chris's personality and humor shine through. You feel the grief he has towards his best friend and a secret that makes him lose himself.

Silenced joins Chris the day after his best friend is killed in a car crash. Chris' world is turned upside down, he falls in on himself and doesn't feel anything. The grief swallows him whole so he can't think straight. To top it off he loses his voice. There's a secret tugging at his mind but he can't quite grasp it. It holds the key to why he cannot talk and when he finds it he will be able to slowly recover. Silenced is a very interesting tale about a teenage boy coping with grief, one that I would recommend to teenagers so that they can understand the dark reality of how grief can affect a person, even a young boy.

Chris and Declan were a comedy duo and best friends. They were very close. It's understandable how badly the grief effects Chris especially as there's something he won't admit to himself. Chris is funny and the way he still talks to Declan even though he is dead is heartbreaking. Some of the things he says to Declan are so sad. Other times it's just like Declan is still alive and they are sharing a joke. They had a brilliant bond and it's still conveyed even after one of them has died.

The new boy Will tries to replace Declan. Will is funny but it's a harsh sense of humor. I didn't like his character he was a stuck up brat who made Chris do horrible things to take his mind off of Declans death. Ariel is a tough, different girl whose all about being Eco friendly. She also happened to be Declan's secret girlfriend. Ariel knows there's something Chris is hiding and she tells him she will always be there for him. After all Declan wanted them both to be friends.

Silenced is a great teen book about the reality of death and how it can have such a large affect on young people. It shows the journey some teens have to go on when someone close to them dies. It's hauntingly real, it's a gripping read that I would recommend to all teens. It's definitely one that will teach you a life lesson or two. It was a quick enjoyable read that will leave a huge impact on the reader.

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