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Blood Red Road By Moira Young

Blood Red Road
Series: Dust Lands #1
Release Date: 2011
Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback
Pages: 417

Synopsis: In a wild and lawless future, where life is cheap and survival is hard, eighteen-year-old Saba lives with her father, her twin brother Lugh, her young sister Emmi and her pet crow Nero. Theirs is a hard and lonely life. The family resides in a secluded shed, their nearest neighbour living many miles away and the lake, their only source of water and main provider of food, gradually dying from the lack of rain. But Saba's father refuses to leave the place where he buried his beloved wife, Allis, nine years ago. Allis died giving birth to Emmi, and Saba has never forgiven her sister for their mother's death.

But while she despises Emmi, Saba adores her twin brother Lugh. Golden-haired and blue-eyed, loving and good, he seems the complete opposite to dark-haired Saba, who is full of anger and driven by a ruthless survival instinct. To Saba, Lugh is her light and she is his shadow, he is the day, she is the nighttime, he is beautiful, she is ugly, he is good, she is bad.

So Saba's small world is brutally torn apart, when a group of armed riders arrives five day's after the twin's eighteenth birthday snatch Lugh away. Saba's rage is so wild, that she manages to drive the men away, but not before they have captured Lugh and killed their father.

And here begins Saba's epic quest to rescue Lugh, during which she is tested by trials she could not have imagined, and one that takes the reader on breathtaking ride full or romance, physical adventure and unforgettably vivid characters, making this a truly sensational YA debut novel.

Review: Blood Red Road is an odd novel. It's written in a unique way which included no speech marks, it was entirely dialect. I really did not like this and the way the characters spoke. It confused me and took me a while to understand. Even so, I never fully got around to liking it. It would put me off any other book. I'd heard the rave ratings and reviews for this book and even the quote of the front says it's the next hunger games. Well I can tell you now that is completely misleading. This book was no where near as good The Hunger Games, there is no comparison at all. The Hunger Games is a action packed read with lovable characters and a horrifying dystopian world. Blood Red Road is rather bland, the characters, the world even the plot was slow and very simple. There is so much I didn't like about this book. I wouldn't even go as far as calling this a true dystopian novel. Honestly I don't know when it's meant to be set or where, There's no major conflict in the book that other brilliant dystopian novels have instead we have a girls rather bland journey to find her brother. We also didn't know any history of the world. There was no world building at all. Gah, I actually really didn't like this book!

Blood Red Road follows Saba after her brother is kidnapped and taken away. Her father is killed in the process leaving Saba with her younger sister who Saba blames for her mothers death. Together they set out looking for clues on where Lugh has gone. Saba leaves Emmi behind every chance she gets but the little girl will not give up. Their travels take them far, but soon trouble follows them. They are also taken but by a strange couple who sells, Saba to become a cage fighter. Saba learns valuable information inside, but she needs to get out soon if she's going to save her brother.

I hated Saba's character, she was a ruthless, nasty girl who took her anger out on her younger sister. She was stuck up and a bitch, she treated everyone rudely even those who helped her out. I can't see why people would even begin to like her character, she's probably my least favourite heroine ever. Oh and the way she talks, god dammit, I hate it so much! Next we have her little sister Emmi, I actually like her, she proved to her sister that she could be strong too and stubborn. Her and Tommo were probably the only characters I really liked it this book. Next we have Jack whose meant to be the love interest. He was just as bad as Saba, he was stubborn and secretive, he was rude too. Even when he was meant to be funny he was a complete ass. In a way they were great for each other as they were both horrible but there wasn't any chemistry between them. How can they be a couple when there isn't anything there?

Gah, I'm so annoyed with this book. I just really hated it. I was originally going to put it down after about 50 pages but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It was so disappointing, I can't believe how badly I wanted to read this book when it originally came out. I will not be reading the sequel, nothing in this book made me curious about what could happen next. I didn't even care about the characters. The only thing that interested me was the weird leader of the army thing called DeMalo, now he was an interesting character and he said about one sentence. There was so much potential in him and I wanted to know why he let Saba go but I will not read the next book because of that. The more I think about this book, the more I dislike it so I'm going to stop the review here. I don't wish to bore you any longer. At least I hope I'm not boring you as much as this book bored me.


  1. I've also read this one and I really didn't like it. I agree with you, Saba was a horrible character to read about. The way she treated Emmi, who I liked, was just awful. Definitely NOT the next Hunger Games, in my opinion.

    1. I've just read you're review and we seem to agree that this book is bad! Whoever compared this to the hunger games need to be slapped around the head! :)

  2. I'm sorry that you didn't like the book. I enjoyed it very much and found it a dog-eat-dog world that Saba ventures out into the find her brother. I did not like her in the beginning because of how ruthless and vile she was towards her sister but she has pent up hatred towards the death of her mother and pins it on Emmi and it is sad and horrible but through the journey Saba does grow up and that's what I liked about her, that she was able to put things aside and grow up.

    Not everyone can see eye to eye and I'm sorry to hear that this book wasn't for you. Thank you for the review! :)

  3. LOVED THIS! One of my top reads last year. Have the sequel, Rebel Heart, on my to read pile and can't wait!


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