Wednesday, 16 May 2012


 I can now officially announce that my short story, "The Beginning" is going to be published in Sherlock's Home: The Empty House. It's a book that contains short stories and poems based on Sherlock Holmes. All royalties of the book are going to the Undershaw Preservation Trust. Out of 400 entries only 31 of us were chosen. And i was one of them! I can't explain how happy i am that my story is going to be published. It's also for such a great cause.

Here's a more info about what the Undershaw Preservation Trust is and what they aim to do:

"Your help is needed!

The Undershaw Preservation Trust is vigourously working toward saving Undershaw from development and preserving it as Conan Doyle's home for future generations of Doyleans, Holmesians/Sherlockians, and literary fans of all kinds.

Once the home is saved from development there will be plans for its future use, but our focus right now must be to preserve it. Undershaw is under serious threat and there is no time to waste. There is a Judicial Review on 23rd May 2012 which may determine what our next steps will be."

(The above paragraphs were taken from The Undershaw Preservation Trust website, for more info check out the website.)

I cannot stress the importance of saving Undershaw for future generations. We only have a few days left to protest against the development. If you wish to help sign the position here: Petition. I really hope you do, we need all the help we can get.

A incredibly huge thanks to Sherlockology for this unique opportunity. It means so much to me that a story of mine was worthy of being included. Thank you!

If you wish to purchase the book, you can get it here: Amazon UK, Amazon US or The Book Depository. 


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  2. Always a pleasure to meet a Holmesian :)

    Congrats on having your story published! I have read a few Sherlock Holmes pastiches that I loved. I will check out yours as well.



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