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Marvel Avengers Character Encyclopedia

Marvel Avengers Character Encyclopedia
Release Date: 1st October 2010
Publisher: DK
Format: Hardback
Pages: 208

From the incredible Hulk to the invincible Iron Man to the amazing Spiderman, all 200 characters who have made up the The Avengers, the world's mightiest Super Hero team are included in this ultimate character encyclopedia!

Discover all about the Avengers' action packed history since 1963. Find out about each member of the Avengers with detailed facts, stats, character histories, their allies and their enemies. Created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics and packed full with original comic book art this encyclopedia is essential reading for all Super Hero fans!

Review: I'm going to keep this a short review. As you probably realise by now I'm a huge geek and I'm a huge fan of superheros. Despite this I had only ever watched the films and never read the comics. I wanted a book that would allow me to learn about other relevant characters without reading hundreds of comics. This is where I found this book, well actually my mother bought it for me as a surprise. I totally geeked out when I saw it.

The book itself is full of great images and drawings of the characters each bright and clear. I loved looking at new characters and seeing how they got their powers. It's full of the basic history of many Marvel characters. They give you basic information and a bit of history which is all a new fan needs to get a feel of the new characters. The book is incredibly well laid out, it would be a great read for all ages. It's simply laid out which makes the book even more impressive. It's a great start for someone looking to learn more, even long turn fans will be able to get something out of this book. I really loved this and will now look for more character guides!

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  1. Oh wow, I really want this! I've recently been working my way through the various Avengers Films and its giving me a real hunger to know more!

    It would be lovely if you took a look at my blog!


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