Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fire By Kristin Cashore

(This is the cover of Fire that I have, I shall post the other UK cover at the end of this post)

Synopsis: Set in a world of stunningly beautiful, exceptionally dangerous monsters, Fire is one of the most dangerous monsters of all—a human one. Marked out by her vivid red hair, she’s more than attractive. Fire is mesmerising.

But with this extraordinary beauty comes influence and power. People who are susceptible to her appeal will do anything for her attention, and for her affection. They will turn away from their families, their work, and their duties for her. They will forget their responsibilities to please her... and worse, crush nations, neglect kingdoms and abuse their power.

Aware of her power, and afraid of it, Fire lives in a corner of the world away from people, and away from temptation. Until the day comes when she is needed—a day when, for her king, she has to take a stand not only against his enemies, but also against herself...

Review: For the first time I'm having a slight difficultly in writing this review. Why? Because I indeed liked this book a lot but there were some things that could have been improved. I want to review this book right and tell you about all the good things about this book but still I want to make my opinion known. And that's the problem, the things I wasn't so keen about in this book is all about my personal taste in books.  So please don't let me put you off this wonderful book.

Fire is book 2 in The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy. It's meant to be a companion/prequel to Graceling which I understand but only one character from that book was in this story which was confusing. Anyway Fire is a book that can easily stand alone. Despite being in the same world as Graceling it is set the other side of the mountains in the Dells, where things are so different to the Seven Kingdoms. Fire really does come into it's own. There are, (even if it is very few) links to Graceling but this does not overshadow Fire's story. The whole thing separates itself and is pretty much it's own world. Fire could be a standalone novel and no one would even think about the link to Graceling, It is very well done.

I feel like I'm already rambling, so onto the story. Fire, believe it or not follows a human monster called Fire whose beauty can make anyone her slave. Everyone who sees her feels the attraction and the need to do anything for her and in a world where there are struggles for power, this isn't good as she can be used as a weapon. We join Fire as she is pulled into the political world of the kingdom where she must use her power to help if her home country is going to survive.

I liked Fire's character, she was very real and someone you could relate too. Fire was a respectable Heroine who was scared of how much power she held and because of this she didn't trust herself, especially because she understood what power could do to a person. That person being her own father, who craved power and started the Dells fall into Ruin. She was scared her past would effect her future but throughout the book we saw Fire start to open up to others and see that not everyone wants her power. Archer although he was an interesting character I couldn't get past the fact that he was Fires childhood friend who she took  to bed regularly but didn't bat an eyelid when he slept with pretty much half the women in the castle.  She said she loved him but then let his actions slide. I personally found him annoying, his anger and jealousy were so childish. I loved Brigan's character and he had a hard time throughout the book too, he had many secrets revealed to him, which must have hurt him more than we are told. His daughter Hanna was such a cutey, and I loved how Fire acted like a big sister or even mother to her.

I also really enjoyed the strong theme of love in this book. It showed us that no matter where you can find love in many forms. The theme of Family was incredible strong also. With the many complicated family lines, Cashore did a good job of weaving all of the relationships together. I especially loved the Royal family and how they took Fire in as one of their own, despite her being a monster.

Now I will try and explain the things I liked and those I didn't like about this book. First I thought all of the characters were incredibly well developed, each had their own flaw and throughout the book we learnt them all, even some of those from the secondary characters. The writing also flowed so much better in this book then in Graceling. It seems Cashore's writing had developed immensely and you can see the improvements.

The things I didn't like. Ok the overly done use and talk of Fires women problems. Yes I understood why it was mentioned to start with but we didn't need to know every time it happened. It didn't add anything to the plot so why did it keep getting included. No raptor monster flew down and killed or injured Fire at the time of her monthlies so why did we need to know every time? The next point is entirely from my own tastes and opinion therefore it may not effect you at all. I didn't enjoy Fire as much as it lacked the constant action we had in Graceling. I know Fire, isn't a Graceling

Nevertheless I liked this book and it shows how a writer can grow within the space of two books. The skills for a good book were all there but were slightly bogged down with unneeded details and slow pace. I have a proof of Bitterblue which I'm going to read next and hopefully all of the skills Cashore has will be pulled together in that. But for now I shall give Fire:

4/5 Stars!!!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

This Is Not A Test By Courtney Summers Trailer

I have heard so many great things about this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. But it's not out until July in the UK (I think) and June in the US, so we're just going to have to wait patiently. To satisfy your need for this book here's the trailer. (Which i think is awesome by the way!)

Warning: This trailer may make you want the book even more!

Oh my god, this trailer gives me chills. It's fantastic and the best book trailer I've ever seen. IT is hauntingly beautiful. I love it!!!

The cover is equally haunting.

 Synopsis: It’s the end of the world. Six students have taken cover in Cortege High but shelter is little comfort when the dead outside won’t stop pounding on the doors. One bite is all it takes to kill a person and bring them back as a monstrous version of their former self. To Sloane Price, that doesn’t sound so bad. Six months ago, her world collapsed and since then, she’s failed to find a reason to keep going. Now seems like the perfect time to give up.

As Sloane eagerly waits for the barricades to fall, she’s forced to witness the apocalypse through the eyes of five people who actually want to live. But as the days crawl by, everyone’s motivations to survive begin to change in startling ways and soon the group’s fate is determined less and less by what’s happening outside and more and more by the unpredictable and violent bids for life–and death–inside.

When everything is gone, what do you hold on to?

*Squee!!!* I can't wait for this book!

Graceling By Kristin Cashore

Synopsis: In a world where people born with an exceptional skill, known as a Grace, are both feared and exploited, Katsa carries the burden of a skill even she despises: the Grace of killing.

Feared by the court and shunned by those her own age, the darkness of her Grace casts a heavy shadow over Katsa’s life. Yet she remains defiant: when the King of Lienid’s father is kidnapped she investigates, and stumbles across a mystery. Who would want to kidnap the old man, and why? And who was the extraordinary Graced man whose fighting abilities rivalled her own?

The only thing Katsa is sure of is that she no longer wants to kill. The intrigue around this kidnapping offers her a way out – but little does she realise, when she takes it, that something insidious and dark lurks behind the mystery. Something spreading from the shadowy figure of a one-eyed king...

Review:  Honestly I didn't know what to expect from this book. Before I read this book, I had seen it online and read many reviews that said it was good but I never picked it up, until now. Recently Fantasy has been a huge part of my life and what I've read, so I guess this adds to why I loved this book so much. I started reading this book not having any idea what I would see or learn. The first few chapters of the book, dragged for me as I wasn't sure what was going on, but once Katsa returned to Randa's castle it really captured my attention and I was hooked. I wanted to know so much more about the world and the different Grace's people were born with. It was a truly magical novel which made my heart pound with suspense. The idea was very original and Cashore used it to it's full potential.

Graceling was packed full of action which was well written. I loved the fights between Po and Katsa, you were never sure who would win as they were so equally matched. Cashore has a talent at purveying emotions and tugging at the readers heart strings. Unlike other books, this one actually allowed to me to feel the emotions myself. I can't think of any other way to put it but I felt their pain,  happiness and sorrow. It was brilliantly done. ( The only other books that have definitely had this effect on me are the Harry Potter books.) The plot also adds some Mystery which added the suspense and also added more action. Many things I didn't see happening, I know I say it a lot but its true. It seems recently I've read a bundle of good books and this one was no different.

So the plot. Our heroine is Katsa who is graced with the ability to kill. We follow her as she rescues a Lienid grandfather and hides him at her uncle, Randa's court. Where ever Katsa goes people stare and whisper about her as all people with a Grace have each eye a different colour. She begins to realise that she has the power to say no to her uncles commands, so she does. All while finding out how to control her grace and the extent of it. She joins Po, a graceling, graced with fighting as he tries to find out why someone would want to kidnap his grandfather. On their travels they discover things are not what they seem in the Seven Kingdoms and they are going to try and put a stop to it.

Katsa is a very strong heroine who can easily hold her own, no one can get past her, or can they? She is the type of heroine young girls need, she can take care of herself and she knows what she does and doesn't want. She realises that she needs to control her life and not let others do it for her. Po, is the graced fighter who falls for Katsa and their chemistry sparks from their first encounter. He is also a strong, confident hero who is a key part of the novel. Bitterblue is the young princess, the pair rescue and she was so young but so mature, she could order around anyone and no one would question her. I have to mention Raffin as I loved him from the start, he was hilarious and acted like an older brother to Katsa. It was hilarious when his hair turned blue.

I believe I have rambled enough but seriously this is one heck of a good book. I can't wait to dig into the next one. If you're a fantasy fan or a fan of strong heroines I'm pretty sure you'll love this. Graceling is a truly unique novel which captures the reader from the very first page and transports them into a magical world with fleshed out characters, that intrigue you from start to finish. Graceling is one jolly good book.

5/5 Stars!!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Slide By Jill Hathaway

Slide by Jill Hathaway is out now in the UK and out on the 27th March in the US. So I'm here to get you all excited for this book so you go out and buy it, I'll give you a few details.

Vee Bell is certain of one irrefutable truth—her sister's friend Sophie didn't kill herself. She was murdered.
Vee knows this because she was there. Everyone believes Vee is narcoleptic, but she doesn't actually fall asleep during these episodes: When she passes out, she slides into somebody else's mind and experiences the world through that person's eyes. She's slid into her sister as she cheated on a math test, into a teacher sneaking a drink before class. She learned the worst about a supposed "friend" when she slid into her during a school dance. But nothing could have prepared Vee for what happens one October night when she slides into the mind of someone holding a bloody knife, standing over Sophie's slashed body.
Vee desperately wishes she could share her secret, but who would believe her? It sounds so crazy that she can't bring herself to tell her best friend, Rollins, let alone the police. Even if she could confide in Rollins, he has been acting distant lately, especially now that she's been spending more time with Zane.
Enmeshed in a terrifying web of secrets, lies, and danger and with no one to turn to, Vee must find a way to unmask the killer before he or she strikes again.

And Jills hosting an amazing contest over on her blog here:

The Hunger Games Movie

Today I went to see The Hunger Games at my local cinema. Despite the cinema being empty except about six of us (It was at 12:45 on a Friday during the school day, so I'm guessing that's why it was empty) but anyway I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

The whole morning i was bouncing around, super excited to see the movie. We went in and there was no adverts before and the film started straight away. It captured my attention from the beginning and the mood was perfect, the fear of the reaping, then the bizarre over the top business in the Capitol, and finally the suspense of the Games. It was amazing.

Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic as Katniss, she played the character incredibly well, no one else could have done it better. Josh Hutcherson was also great as Peeta and so so so much better than i expected him to be. The two had great chemistry which was so clear in the film and it just added to the film as a whole. Without it there would be a huge void in the film. All the actors were well picked and matched the characters from the books rather well.

Indeed the movie does stray from the book in a few parts but i don't think it takes anything away from the film. If you haven't read the book then this shouldn't be a problem but if you have, you'll probably find little problems such as how Katniss gets the Mockingjay pin, but don't let this take away from the film as a whole.

I just loved this film, the whole thing was very well done. The mood was perfect from start to finish and kept the viewer hooked. Even one lady who was sitting near us cried when Rue died. So if you do go to see it you might want to take some tissues.The only other thing i will say is you should probably read the books first so you understand the movie more and get the full impact.

What are you waiting for go see it!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Pink Hotel By Anna Stothard

WARNING: This is an ADULT book.

Description:  A seventeen-year-old London girl flies to Los Angeles for the funeral of her mother Lily, from whom she had been separated in her childhood. After stealing a suitcase of letters, clothes and photographs from her mum's bedroom at the top of a hotel on Venice Beach, the girl spends her summer travelling around Los Angeles returning love letters and photographs to the men who had known her mother. As she discovers more about Lily's past and tries to re-enact her life, she comes to question the foundations of her own personality.

I received this book from Waterstones to review.

I think the synopsis of the book is incredibly wrong. Indeed she, does go to LA but she doesn’t attend the funeral instead she breaks into the hotel which her mother owned and steals a suitcase full of her mother’s stuff. After she escapes a close encounter with her mother’s new husband she decides to find one person who was mentioned in the suitcase. Not lots of people like it states in the synopsis. After reading this book I still don’t see how she was meant to be re-enacting her mother’s life. Sure she goes and visits people her mother knew, and even sleeps with two of her mother’s ex-boyfriends. It was a seriously messed up book, just like the back drop of LA.

I want to say I tried to like this book but I didn’t from the start and I had to force myself to finish it so I could review it properly. I even ended up reading another book while I was currently reading this; I just didn’t like it at all. The main character, who I can’t even remember her name, wasn’t very likeable, she just saw everything wrong in the world. She moans about wanting to be invisible but then she puts on her mother’s dresses and struts around LA. She was slightly annoying. Something’s that she said I agreed with like noticing small details of things others look over. But obviously this was the author’s way with words which we didn’t see flowing well together too often. There was about one chapter which I liked and it made me feel something other than being bored. Wise maybe.

The one thing I have to say is that this book reminded me of The Catcher in the Rye for some reason and I didn’t like that book either. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. I feel bad for writing a bad review but I have to tell others that this isn’t a good book. It’s certainly one I will never pick up again. The only good part of this book was the last few chapters where the story actually kicked in and pulled the reader’s attention and kept it.

2/5 Stars!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spy Glass By Maria V. Snyder

An undercover mission
leads to danger, adventure
and an impossible choice.

After siphoning her own blood magic in the showdown at Hubal, student glass magician Opal Cowan lost her powers. Immune to the effects of magic, Opal is now an outsider looking in, spying through the glass on those with the powers she once had. Powers that make a difference in the world.

Suddenly the beautiful pieces she makes begin to flash in the presence of magic and Opal learns that someone has stolen some of her blood. Finding it might let her regain her powers or discover that they're lost forever...

Review: It's hard reviewing each book in a series as you don't want each review to sound similar or include the same points about characters or plot etc. So I hope each of my reviews are slightly different. Anyway Spy Glass is book 3 in the Glass trilogy by Maria V Snyder which means this is the final book and the ending of the series. Oh and what an ending it is.

In Spy Glass we join Opal as she tries to track down her blood that was stolen from her before it falls into the wrong hands. During the time when she tries to gather information she has to experiment with her new immunity to Magic, which only one other person has. That person is Valek, he teams up with Opal and helps her out and teachers her how she can be successful in finding her blood and ready her for future missions. With help from her friends Opal continues her mission to find her blood but it is easier said then done.

So many plot threads are woven throughout this book and each one surprised me. Some of them I didn't even think about until it happened. There were so many developments, I didn't see many coming. For a final book in a trilogy it did a really good job of keeping the reader interested and wanting more. There was a lot of action in this book and probably more suspense then the previous books. The series certainly went out with a bang. I loved loved loved the ending, it was so sweet and I loved how everyone was reunited.

Opal certainly grew in this book, a lot more than i was suspecting. She has changed so much since we first met her in Magic Study, she has finally accepted who see is and knows there is people she can trust but most of all people can change. Devlen was very nice in this book, his character has also changed dramatically for the better and he got the ending he deserved. Kade, and his weather references didn't play that big a part in this book, but when he did it was rather heartbreaking. Valek came back in this book and it was great seeing him react to someone other then Yelena or fellow Ixians. I liked the time he spent with Opal, it really did make me laugh and Smile. Of course the real humour comes from Ari and Janco who are both hilarious and a vital part of the plot. Oh, i almost forgot the brilliant new additions of Teegan and Reema, the two children were brilliant and so mature for the age. I loved their ending as well, I'm pretty sure they'll turn out ok now.

Spy Glass is a brilliant finale to Opal's story and it brings the series to a perfect end. I know I'm definitely going to miss Yelena and Opals world so hopefully there may be more books in the future but for now I'm happy with the ending. I only have one more Maria V. Snyder book to read now but I'm anxiously waiting for more, but for now, you, reading this should go pick up Storm Glass, the first book in the series and make your way to Spy Glass this epic ending to the trilogy.

5/5 Stars!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sea Glass By Maria V. Snyder

First I would like to apologise for taking so long to read and review this book. I've had such a busy week, that I had hardly anytime to sit down and read, but finally I'm baack to review this book.

Description: Like the colorful pieces of sea glass washed up on shore, Opal has weathered rough waters and twisting currents. But instead of finding a tranquil eddy, Opal is caught in a riptide. Her unique glass messengers which allow instant communication over vast distances have become a vital part of Sitian society. Once used solely by the Councilors and magicians, other powerful factions are now vying for control. Control of the messengers equals control of Sitia. Unfortunately that also means control of Opal.

If that isn’t enough of a problem, Opal’s determination to prove blood magic is still being used is met with strong resistance. The Council doubts her, her mentor doubts her, and even her family is concerned. When her world is turned upside down, she begins to doubt herself. In the end, Opal must decide who to believe, who to trust, and who has control—otherwise she will shatter into a million pieces and be swept out by the tide.

Review: If you've been following my reviews you already know I'm a huge fan of Maria V. Snyder's work and Sea Glass is a brilliant addition. Sea Glass is book 2 of the Glass Trilogy. It continues pretty much where Storm Glass left off. We follow Opal as her character develops further and she begins to change and grow into her personality and realises that she has the power to make people listen to her and she will not just stand by and let things happen to those she loves. I really enjoyed seeing Opal grow as a character, she changes so much in a short amount of time but it is so realistically done and she transforms before out eyes. It was brilliant. I love this new and improved Opal!

The story follows Opal on her return to the Keep and the chilling reception that waits for her there. She becomes a prisoner because of the danger her power possesses, she sticks it out until her graduation when she finally decides to take matters into her own hands. This is the part where Opals character transforms and grows, it was very well done. Snyder really does have a way with words. We join Opal as she goes off on her own but of course, danger follows, leading to many events which I won't describe as I don't want to give anything away.

I've already stated I love Opal in this book so i will talk about the other characters. Janco from the Study series played a large part is this book and it was brilliant, we got to see him come into his own without his partner Ari. I loved Janco, he's incredibly funny and added humour to this book which lightened serious topics. Deep down I want Opal to end up with Janco but i doubt this will happen but I will have to see. Kade again was a big part in this book and he is also a strong character. The master magicians and Ulrick played an smaller part in this book, especially Ulrick who wasn't in it much at all actually. Devlen changed in this book and we got to see him as a ally, instead of an enemy. It was incredible to see how the bad guy is actually soft underneath and has moved on from his past.

It took me longer to read this book because I was extremely busy but I loved it nonetheless. Just like every other Snyder book it keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Certain cliffhangers at the end of chapters made me gasp in surprise as i really didn't see it coming at all. Sea Glass is as easily as good as Storm Glass if not better and I can't wait to pick up Spy Glass next.

5/5 Stars!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Gathering Dark Cover Reveal


The UK cover for The Gathering Dark (Shadow and Bone in the US) has just been revealed and isn't it gorgeous? I think it fits the novel perfectly. I love it!

You can find my review here: The Gathering Dark

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Storm Glass By Maria V. Snyder

Description: Untrained. Untested. Unleashed. With her unique magical abilities, Opal has always felt unsure of her place at Sitia’s magic academy. But when the Stormdancer clan needs help, Opal’s knowledge makes her the perfect choice – until the mission goes awry. Pulling her powers in unfamiliar directions, Opal finds herself tapping into a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening. Now Opal must deal with plotters out to destroy the Stormdancer clan, as well as a traitor in their midst. With danger and deception rising around her, will Opal’s untested abilities destroy her – or save them all?

Review: I recently read Snyder's Study series and I loved it, so of course I was so excited to grab the books in her Glass series next. Storm Glass is book 1 in the Glass series and the main character is Opal, who we met in the Study series. While reading the Study series I found Opal's character very unique and interesting, so when I realised she was the main focus of the Glass series I was super excited. I had high expectations for this books as Snyder's other series were so good and this book definitely didn't disappoint.

The story follows Opal and a few of her friends on her first mission from the Master Magicians but of course it is not that simple. After arriving at the Stormdance Clan a chain of events follows her, making this book full of action and keeps the reader eager to continue. I can't really say much more as there is so much happening in this book and they all link and I really don't want to give anything away. You need to go pick up this book and fall into this world and get drawn in by the story to see how much of a masterpiece this book is. All of Snyder's books are for that matter.

Like I have already stated, I loved Opal and discovering more about her, she is very different to Yelena (The main character of the Study series.) Opal is more thoughtful and thinks more about the risks that she puts herself in. This book follows her growth from how she pushes people away because of fear, and how she begins to combat this to let people get close to her so she realises not every person is bad. Finding trust is hard for us all but even more so for Opal whose lost her sister Tula a few years before. I also loved Opal's talent with glass and reading how she makes her glass animals, and how passionate she is about it. Kade is a Stormdancer, who is very confident and also finds it hard to trust. He has a lot in common with Opal. Ulrick is Opals Guard dog who is very overprotective, but he plays a key part in the plot.

I loved how a few characters from the Study series were in this book. It was brilliant seeing them from a different perspective and it just made me miss them and love them even more. Another brilliant thing about this book is you can see Snyder's growth as a writer, and it just makes her books even better.

This book was full of action and I liked how Opal would put up a fight and wouldn't give in. It surprised me how strongly I wanted Opal to escape and keep safe, this book really tugged on my emotions. I can't stress how good this book was. It really kept my attention and each chapter created a different obstacle and this is the definition of keeping a reader on the edge of their seat. I LOVED IT! After reading Snyder's work I can easily say she is one of my favourite authors and I don't want you to miss out on her awesomeness. This book is a definite for any Fantasy fan! It is utterly brilliant!

5/5 Stars!!!

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Description: Alaska, 1920: a brutal place to homestead, and especially tough for recent arrivals Jack and Mabel. Childless, they are drifting apart—he breaking under the weight of the work of the farm; she crumbling from loneliness and despair. In a moment of levity during the season’s first snowfall, they build a child out of snow. The next morning the snow child is gone—but they glimpse a young, blonde-haired girl running through the trees.

This little girl, who calls herself Faina, seems to be a child of the woods. She hunts with a red fox at her side, skims lightly across the snow, and somehow survives alone in the Alaskan wilderness. As Jack and Mabel struggle to understand this child who could have stepped from the pages of a fairy tale, they come to love her as their own daughter. But in this beautiful, violent place things are rarely as they appear, and what they eventually learn about Faina will transform all of them.



The Snow Child is a beautifully written novel. It’s an enchanting fairy tale suited for adult readers. The voice of the novel is incredibly well done and you cannot fault it. It is continuous and allows the reader to be pulled deep into the story and feel each emotion of sadness and pain as if it was their own raw emotion. The happiness also pulls at the readers heartstrings making them grow along with the characters. This was part of the joy of the story, following each character grow and watching them change through their highs and lows and the outcome of how each change affects the ending. The story itself is incredibly well done and I couldn’t fault it, I happily let it flow, engrossing me page by page. What made the novel even better was that I read it whilst it was snowing and this allowed me to fall deeper into the Alaskan Wilderness.

Honestly when I began reading this book, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was so wrong. I was blown away by how much talent this debut author has and how she uses it to fulfil this story’s potential. I loved the continuous themes of love and heartbreak in this novel as it was incredibly well done making the reader feel every ounce of emotion. The ending I wasn’t expecting but I was happy with it. I agree with what other people say that this will be an instant classic. It has the potential to be and I’m sure it will be soon. I would happily curl up and reread this book again within a heartbeat.

The Snow Child is a stunning debut novel which everyone needs to read and I can pretty much guarantee you will love it.

I received my review copy from Waterstones.

5/5 Stars!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Legend By Marie Lu

Description: The United States is gone, along with its flooded coasts. North America's two warring nations, the western Republic and the eastern Colonies, have reached a breaking point. In the midst of this broken continent and dark new world are two teenagers who will go down in history....
Born into the slums of Los Angeles, fifteen-year old Day is the country's most wanted criminal. A mysterious boy with no recorded image or fingerprints. A boy who should no longer exist. A boy who watches over his family until one evening, when the plague patrols mark his family's door with an X--the sign of plague infection. A death sentence for any family too poor to afford the antidote. Desperate, Day has no choice; he must steal it.

Born to an elite family in Los Angeles' wealthy Ruby sector, fifteen-year old June is the Republic's most promising prodigy. A superintelligent girl destined for great things in the country's highest military circles. Obedient, passionate, and committed to her country--until the day her brother Metias is murdered while on patrol during a break-in at the plague hospital.

Only one person could be responsible.


And now it's June's mission to hunt him down.

The truth they'll uncover will become legend

Review: I'd been dying to read this book ever since I saw the gorgeous cover on the American version. After reading the blurb of the book, I was in love. I had high expectations for this book, I was expecting it to be the next big dystopian novel and some previous reviews I read enforced this. After finishing this, this afternoon I'm slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong this is a good book but it had so much potential to be better that the actual thing was a let down. Nevertheless this was an enjoyable read.

The plot is exactly as stated in the description, June's brother Metias is murdered during a break in at the hospital. As Metias was the last surviving member of Junes family she promises herself to hunt the murderer down and kill him herself. Let's just say things don't exactly go as planned, I don't want to say much more about the plot as I fell it will give too much away. The plot was simple but enjoyable, it wasn't woven with other plot threads, it was just this one and a few more on backgrounds. This is again where I found it disappointing, the plot had so much more potential but it seems the author played it simple and stuck to this one problem.

The world on the other hand was fresh and detailed but again not as well built as some other dystopian worlds. I enjoyed the different jobs that people had and hearing about the Trial and its effect on people. Oh, and I think I loved the clothing June wore as well. I loved the action in this book, it was fresh and brilliantly detailed and well done. The action itself was probably some of the best I've read.

Right, onto characters, I loved June and Day and how similar they were but so different too. They had so much in common but as they were raised differently their views were completely different. June's the prodigy and Day is a master criminal. Their worlds collide and their chemistry is static from the beginning until the end. I loved June's character, she was strong and powerful, a brilliant role model for young girls today. She was clever and could analyse every little detail and even better she could defend herself. Day, is also strong willed and will do anything to help his family, who are his only weakness. All the action that contained Day was brilliant and kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next.

Overall, this is a good book which will keep the readers attention, and if your looking for some action go buy this book. It is another take on the Dystopian genre and I look forward to seeing what happens in the next book.  The only down side, I think it could have been more complex to reach it's full potential.

4/5 Stars!!!