Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian By Rick Riordan

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to review one of these books as they are all brilliant. I started this series after watching the film and the books were by far ten times better. Straight from the first book you get involved with the characters and become attached. I’m going to stop talking about the previous books and talk about this one, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian which is the final book in the Percy Jackson series.
This book is all about the demigods protecting Mount Olympus. It is full of action and adventure and keeps you entertained all the way till the end. In this book you feel everything the characters go through the pain, the loss and of course the pride.  I loved how every character we had met in the previous books seemed to come back in this book which made it all better than expected. What I like about these books is how all the Greek mythology is involved and makes the story so much more interesting.
Percy Jackson was still the strong character we see in the previous books and in this book he grows more too. Annabeth was still the smart and wise girl we had met and she has to come to terms with a lot in this book. I find Grover the funniest character in the series except maybe Apollo and the only thing I didn’t like was how he seemed absent in the last few books unlike the first one when he was there the whole journey. Thalia was back in this book too and was as strong as ever leading the hunt. Nico, the son of Hades played a bigger part in this book and he is such a unique character who I find very interesting and wished he had a bigger part in the series but no matter what he is so awesome. I have to say Rick Riordan did a brilliant job by making each of the Gods and Goddess’ unique and brilliant in their own way. My favourite Gods and Goddess’ in this series have to be Apollo with his cheeky smile and great poetry, Hermes and his snakes, George and Martha (I think that’s their names), Dionysus even though he is meant to be horrible to Percy I find him quite funny and have a weird crush on him, and Artemis and her hunt, who seemed the nicest goddess out of them all and of course Hades who played a big part in the end.
I think this is why this book was strong as the characters were all well thought out and each had their fatal flaw like real people. The plot was also strong and constant throughout the whole series and always kept the reader interested. Despite reading these in a couple of weeks I have grown fond of these characters and will miss them greatly and I will most probably revisit the series very soon as I don’t wish to say goodbye yet.
Rick Riordan has created an exceptional and unique series and I would recommend this book to everyone especially those who are interested in Greek mythology.