Saturday, 18 September 2010

Half way there.

So last night i managed to hit the half way mark of my novel. I finally reached 30,000 words and I'm aiming for 60,000 as that is the least amount of words you can have in a YA novel. Its taken a few months to reach this point but i have enjoyed it and I'm very surprised that I've even managed to get this far without quitting. I've noticed that the more i write i seem to be getting slightly better, i have my good days when i can write a few thousand words and bad days where I've only managed a few hundred, but it all adds up and if i hadn't wrote them words on whatever kind of day i was having i wouldn't be where i was now. I've also noticed that writing a little bit whenever i can also helps, as I'm in my last year at high school i don't always have time after school which mean some days i haven't been able to write but i try to make up for it. I'm only half way but I've already noticed a few things that need to be changed when i revise the novel, i will give you a few of them now:
  • More description as i was so worried about adding to much description that i didn't add enough.
  • Punctuation in speech, as i haven't added any which sounds bad but i wasn't sure how to do it at the beginning but now i do so i will have to change it, that's what revisions are for.
  • I also need to make sure you can tell the characters apart, I'm pretty sure I've done this but it doesn't hurt to check.
There's a few more points but i won't bore you. I wrote this post so i can look back on it to see how i was getting on but I've also written it for those who are interested in the writing process. As I'm a first time writer, i know it helped me to look at other peoples writing blogs and i hope to help others who inspire to write.

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