Friday, 13 August 2010

Bloody Bones By Laurell K Hamilton

My review of Bloody Bones by Laurell K Hamilton.

I have just finished this book this evening and I'm still trying to decide whether i liked it or not. First of all i just want to say i was given this book by my aunt to read, therefore i hadn't read the previous 4 in the serious which is probably why i didn't like it as i didn't have a clue about what had happened previously.

So the story starts and you immediately are thrown into a whole new world without much being explained, you meet characters and your not quite sure who they are or what they have to do with the main character Anita Blake who is an animator, i didn't have a clue what that meant either until about 3 or 4 chapters in when it finally explains that its someone who raises the dead, but later in the story Anita tells us that shes a necromancer which i think they could have just told us in the first place.

Pretty much straight away Anita is sent on a business trip where she is needed to raise the dead to settle an arguement of who owns the piece of land the dead bodies are on. But then Anita is asked to go to a murder scene and see what has killed an innocent young girl, Anita gives them her theroy that its a vampire so they go out to find it but are surprised at what they actually find as Anita has never seen anything like it before so she calls in her vampire boyfriend Jean-Claude who comes down to where Anita is and they have to go see the master vampire of that area which causes a big stir with Anita and Jean-Claude. The last few chapters were ok but i think it ended too quickly and the problem was solved way to easily, the novel leads you to the ending and leaves you disappointed. To be honest i don't think i will bother reading the rest of the series as there are now currently 17 books in the series and it doesnt help to have missed the first 4.

Now i will talk about the characters, the main character is Anita Blake pretty much straight away we learn she has special powers which allow her to animate the dead, and that she is extremly powerful. I'm not sure if i liked Anita or not, sometimes i did but other times in my head i was calling her stupid. Shes also a vampire hunter but the truth is without her guns she would be pretty useless, dont get me wrong i love the whole gun thing but she should be able to used the old fashioned stakes, but she does know her stuff. She also has two boyfriends Richard and Jean-Claude. Richard is a werewolf but we only get to see him for about 3 pages throught out the whole novel. The rest of the book is all Jean-Claude who is a master vampire but also Anitas boyfriend, he is a bit weird and old fashioned but he is powerful but we soon found out that there are more powerful things out there. But altogether the best charater was Larry, a trainee animator and vampire hunter who goes along with Anita on this case. i think he was the most down to earth character who actually seemed real in the whole book. He was funny, kind and most of all, always stood by his friends and put himself in danger to save the others. There are also loads of other characters but these are the main ones.

Even after writing this im still not sure whether i liked this book or not. I think you should all know as well that the vampires and werewolfs in this book are nasty and scary creatures not like in most YA books but i will also warn you now this is an Adult book and should not be read by young teenagers. Altogther i would give this 2-3 stars and that is my honest opinion i probably didnt like it as much because i hadn't read the others, but i will definatly wont be reading anymore, as one there are too many out that i cant afford to buy them all and two i dont think i would be able to read many more.

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